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When it's worth protecting!

The ultimate in password protection for your website.
Decide who accesses your entire domain content or
specific pages by easily adding our code to your site.


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The Ultimate in Password Protection for your Website

Looking to run a membership website?  When it's worth protecting, choose Sitelatch.com


Website Entrance Login / Password Membership System

Unlimited Users
No Banners
Website Integration
Easy to Install and Use

Security Solutions and Features

You are the
Gate Keeper!

Control access to your entire website or specific pages by using SiteLatch.com password protection service.

Features you choose!

Administration area gives you complete management over the features you want to include.

Unlimited Members!

Unlimited members signing up from your site with a registration form that fits the look and feel of your web page.

Instant Verification and Access!

Automated e-mail confirmation to new members with username / password on signup.

User Friendly!

Customers can retrieve lost passwords and update their membership information without administrative assistance.

Complete Control and Direction!

Control access time and return URL for each member and / or registration form you create.

Variety of Membership Features!

Offer memberships from 1 minute to a lifetime - provide a "free preview" of your members only protected area.

We get you up and running in minutes!

No programs to install - No server modifications to make - No code to write - Just copy-paste-upload. You're done!

Full Feature List - When it's worth protecting!

  • Automatically register new members 
  • Automatically find lost passwords
  • Automatically cancel membership
  • Protect your pages from being bookmarked and accessed without logging in
  • View, add, delete, modify your members information
  • Option to provide different protected URL's for different members
  • Customizable login form
  • Customizable registration form
  • Customizable edit profile form for members to update their information
  • Customizable e-mail confirmation of registration
  • E-mail notification of new member registration
  • Auto or manual member registration
  • 'Prepaid' membership registration support
  • New members can be suspended until approved
  • Set account expiration (by mins., hrs., days, mons., yrs. or number of logins)
  • E-mail address verification (optional)
  • Automatically send verification / approval e-mail (optional)
  • Members login stats
  • Unlimited members per account
  • No banners or sitelatch.com branding
  • Your own page header and footer
  • Complete URL security
  • Full website integration: you can embed all forms directly to your website pages
  • Display your own registration confirmation page
  • Export / Import members database
  • Priority technical support 


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