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Sitelatch Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many members can I have with my membership and how much does it cost?

A: You can have unlimited members with your account membership.  Account cost is: ($9.97 monthly / $27 quarterly / $67 yearly).

Q: When members sign up to my membership site, what page URL will they go to?

A: They are assigned a default URL, whatever you define in your account manager on the 'Settings' page.

Q: Do I need any special functions on my server to use your service or store data?

A: No, all scripts and data are remotely hosted on our server. 

Q: I wonder how your company handles personal information that is submitted?

A: We do not view, sell or otherwise distribute any personal information collected on our site. 

Q: Can I protect multiple web pages with only one account?

A: Yes, you can protect multiple pages from your member's entrance' page.  You can also specify a different login URL to each member.

Q: How can I setup different login URL's for different members?

A: Go to 'Members' section of your account manager and set different URLs for different members.

Q: Can I protect my pages from being bookmarked and accessed without login first?

A: In order to protect your page from being accessed without login you should insert the 'page protection' code found in your account manager.  You should insert this code in all pages you want to protect.  You can find this code in your account manager ('Member's page protection code' link) 

Q: I'm using page protection code on my member's page and I'm receiving complaints from my members that they can't login using their login and password.

A: In order to login to member's area protected with page protection code cookies must be enabled in the browser.  Also there may be an issue with very strict privacy settings in their browsers resulting in not accepting third-party cookies. 

Q: I added page protection code but i'm still able to bookmark the page. Why?

A: Yes, it can be bookmarked but this bookmark will not work in the next browser session without login.

Q: When I enter my member's username and password I get error: "404 Not Found."

A: Make sure you have properly setup your member's area URL in the 'Settings and/or 'Members' pages.  It must be in the form:  Please note that it must start with the http:// prefix.

Q: Can I use your service without the registration and cancellation features?

A: Yes, you can disable both registration and cancellation pages.

Q: Is my registration form encrypted? Can I use it to receive credit card numbers?

A: No, the registration page is not encrypted by default, but you can use it in SSL mode if you want.  You should use a PCI compliant payment processing company to collect billing information from your customers.  Sitelatch does not provide payment processing services, but we do use and highly recommend Paypal.

Q: How can I add extra fields to the registration form?

A: You can copy html form template ('Account' page, registration form [HTML] link) and edit to add fields and then insert into your site.

Q: Is there any way to import a large number of usernames and passwords?

A: Yes, we support importing member databases.  Go to account manager, member's editor and click 'Import' link for more information.

Q: Is there any way I can e-mail or send a message to all subscribed members? 

A. You can only export all e-mail addresses and then send them an e-mail using a mailing program.

Q: How can I put the login and registration forms on my site?

A: When you login to your account manager, at the bottom half of the page, you will find [HTML] links for all your pages, including login and registration forms.  Just click on these links and cut-and-paste given html code to your pages.

Q: I want to place a login form on my website.  How can I make these fields smaller?

A: To make a field smaller in width you can add "size=8" option (for example) to the <INPUT> tag.  To change the height of the field use this style sheet definition for input tag, for example: style="font-size:12px" to the <INPUT> tag(s) you want to make bigger. 

Q: I am using 'http load' hide url option and I got broken images.

A: You have to use full URL address in your <img src> tags. 

Q: I need to change my payment details with you. How do I do this?

A: To update billing information, login to your PayPal account and make necessary changes to subscription payments to our company.

Q: How can I cancel my account?

A: If you are still in the 7-day free trial period, do nothing and your account will cancel automatically when the trial period expires.
You may also cancel your account from the “manage account” link on our home page.  To cancel your account after purchase, you should login to your account manager and click on the "cancel account" link.  This will take you to your PayPal login page.  Login to your PayPal account and follow instructions for canceling your subscription to 

Q: What's the difference between "New Members" and "Free Preview Members" ?

A: New Members are your paid subscribers and will receive access to your protected pages according to the settings you have indicated in the New Members defaults.  When Free Preview Members are added to your database they are 'not verified' and use default settings for Free Preview Members (this is so you can set a limit on the amount of time they can have "previewing" your "members only" information - ideal for offering a free preview or "test drive").  You can have them automatically deleted or suspended after login or a a set amount of time.  You decide which default settings they will have by the registration form you provide them with either the New Members Registration Form or the Free Preview Members Registration Form.  New Members registration forms will use defaults you have set in "New Members defaults" and Free Preview members registration forms will use defaults you have set in "Free Preview Members defaults".  Checking this box in the account settings "Verify new members and send verification e-mail" will ensure that your New Members must verify their account first (through their valid e-mail address) before gaining access.  Unchecking this box will allow instant access, without verifying, to your protected pages.  This is helpful when clients first pay for their membership before creating their login and password and you then want to provide them with instant access.  Free Preview members by default must always verify their account, this will protect you from phony e-mail addresses to gain access to protected pages.


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